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Nandini Murthy Biography

Nandini Murthy
NameNandini Murthy
Real nameNandini Murthy
Date of Birth8th Nov 1994
Age28 years
NativeMangalore, Karnataka
Currently LivingBangalore, Karnataka
OccupationActress, Model
Nandini Murthy Biography

Nandini Murthy Wikipedia

Nandini Murthy is the female lead of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Nandini Murthy, a simple girl hailing from Mangalore. Nandini lost her parents in a Car accident in the US 10 years ago. She moves to Mumbai with her Uncle and Aunt to treat her Brother’s mysterious illness after witnessing their Parents accident.Despite of her bad first impression about the Space Academy, Nandini joins there as a Scholarship student to save money for her Brothers treatment. At the College, she is bullied by the members of College’s popular Music Band Fab5. And in this process she find another girl known as Navya Naveli which became Nandini’s best friend and helped her in every difficult situation of her life. Nandini ends up getting closer to the Band Leader Manik Malhotra after finding that he is not a Monster as he shows himself to be. She falls in love with Manik…..Though Manik develops feelings for Nandini, he pushes her towards his best buddy Dhruv Vedant who declares his love for her. Manik tries to win her back after she rejects Dhruv’s proposal, but Nandini rejects him telling that they are not meant to be together. However, despite of her decision to stay away from Manik, she finds it difficult to stay away from him. And after many conflicts with her, they finally get together.


Nandini Murthy Date of Birth

Nandini Murthy was born on 8th of November in the year 1994.

Nandini Murthy

Nandini Murthy Age

Nandini Murthy was born on 8th of November in the year 1994, as per she is 28 years old.

Nandini Murthy Husband/Boyfriend

Nandini Murthy was in a relation with the named as Manikk.

Nandini Murthy Native

Nandini Murthy was born in Mangalore city of Karnataka.

Nandini Murthy

Nandini Murthy Currently Living

Nandini was bought up to Bangalore of Karnataka for her career activities.

Nandini Murthy Height

She is about 1.68m in tall.

Nandini Murthy Weight

She weighss about 55 in kgs.

Nandini Murthy

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